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Tips For Writing Flash Fiction
by Stephen R. Smith with excerpts by Kathy Kachelries
In order to improve as a writer, you need feedback. It's difficult to write something the size of a novel, and equally difficult to carve out the time required to read one and provide any sort of meaningful critique on it. This severely handicaps the feedback loop so important for the aspiring writer.
Flash Fiction on the other hand allows you to exercise all of your story writing and editing skills while creating works that can be read in a few minutes. This makes it ideal for examining ideas, developing writing skills and getting the feedback needed to help elevate you in your craft. Note that while Flash Fiction stories can be read in a few minutes, you shouldn't expect to write them that quickly.
Kathy Kachelries, founder of 365tomorrows, had this to say about Flash Fiction:
"The most concise and widely-cited example of flash fiction is the story Ernest Hemingway penned, allegedly to settle a bar bet: “For sale: baby shoes.
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Systema Metropolis
It’s just like they try to teach you in biology.
Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species.
Municipalis, Europa, Munchen, EDF, Umbra, Generatrum, Gigas.
The common or garden Generatrum Gigas. Very roughly, that’s ‘Giant Generator’. Self-replicating automata are absolutely great unless you impose severe limits on them. And make sure there’s no easy workarounds.
‘Europa’ may have been true once, but no longer. Municipalis don’t respect political borders: these things walk around the world. Not fast enough to stay in perpetual daylight, but fast enough to snatch eighteen hours or more of light a ‘day’.
And they’re damn tall. And some of the subspecies can float.
About the only people who gained anything purely positive from the whole evolutionary technology revolution were the damn taxonomists. Whole new species sprouting in a whole new kingdom of life. And sprouting far quicker than anyone anticipated.
The n
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William Tracy
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I woke up last night from a dream where I was given three prompts and asked to write three short stories. (Yes, I actually dreamed about having to write stories from prompts.) I've already forgotten what the prompts were, as well as the first two stories that I came up with. For whatever it is worth, here is the third story.

* * *

The great shield had rested in the Sacred Glen for countless generations. There was no longer anyone who could remember when it had arrived there, except perhaps Those Who Do Not Speak. Vines grew around and over it, while leaves piled beneath it.

The shield was broad and heavy; not even the strongest of the Keepers could lift it, nor could the Bravest Of The Mighty make it budge. The handle on its back was thick as a tree trunk. The runes on its front were from a forgotten age.

One night--the sky full of blinking stars and the air heavy with mist--a stranger arrived. He was tall as the mighty trees, with a stout, almost square, head and body. Two horns emerged from the opposite sides of his head, curving down and framing his face. His hot breath steamed in the night air.

His head and body bore not a thread of cloth nor a single hair. Indeed, he carried nothing but a great hammer, traced with runes that matched the shield of the Sacred Glen.

The Watchers crept down from the trees, head first, like insects. Their gaunt limbs were bent close to their bodies, crouched in readiness, while their nimble fingers and toes gripped the bark. Their knotted braids swayed with their every move. Their glowing eyes blinked rapidly and their nostrils twitched rhythmically as they tracked the stranger.

The stranger lifted the shield high with one hand, and shook it, testing its strength. There was no sound, yet the air seemed to shiver. He tested his hammer against the shield's face, and the sound rang loud over the hills and valleys.

The Watchers chattered and squealed among themselves in hushed tones. Smoothly, deftly, they readied their longbows--half again as long as the Watchers were tall. They slowly pulled back their arrows and steadily aimed at the stranger and waited for their leader to call.

Instead, the stranger let out a cry terrible and alien. He lifted his hammer high and brought it down upon the earth swifter than the fastest river. The very rocks cried out, and a wave of sound pounded over the Sacred Glen and rolled through the trees beyond.

* * *

The Watchers rose to their knees, clutching their heads in agony, and looked around. The sky was blue and full of birdsong. The sun was bright and dappled on the green leaves.

The shield and the stranger were gone.


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Long time no see - how've you been!
wtracy Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2010
Gah, dA is not very good about notifying me of the messages I get. :frustrated:

I'm doing alright. I have an apartment that I am slowly adding furniture to. :-)

I was planning to do my own variation on NaNoWriMo, and crank out some material for 365T this month. Of course, I'm four days in, and I haven't written a single word yet. >_<
SRSmith Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2010   Writer
Glad to hear your doing alright, and as for writing - you got 61 words down in this reply, so that's a start - keep it going!
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